4 Seater Golf Cart Rental (3-Day Minimum)

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Golf Cart Rentals – 4 seater

Certain resorts do not allow rental carts.
48 Hours notice required to reserve all golf carts.
3-Day Rental Minimum.
Golf carts will be delivered between Monday & Saturday. We do not deliver on Sunday’s.
Deliveries are usually made in the late afternoon, around most resorts check-in time.

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Klein’s Rentals, LLC Terms and Conditions Introduction This Agreement is established between Klein’s Rentals, LLC (“Klein’s”) and the “Client,” who is defined as any individual or entity engaging in transactions with Klein’s. This includes renting equipment, purchasing items marked as “PURCHASE” on Klein’s website and online store, or utilizing any of Klein’s provided services. Klein’s holds exclusive ownership of all rental equipment, distinguishing these from items available for purchase. The equipment provided under this Agreement is primarily intended for personal use by the Client. By engaging in any form of transaction with Klein’s — whether it be renting items, purchasing available products, or utilizing any of the services offered by Klein’s Rentals, LLC — the Client explicitly and unreservedly agrees to adhere to and be bound by the Terms and Conditions as detailed in this contract. Acceptance of these terms indicates the Client’s thorough understanding and agreement to comply with all conditions and stipulations herein detailed, acknowledging their role and responsibilities as the Client in this contractual relationship. Golf Cart Rental Agreement This section includes specific terms for golf cart rentals, emphasizing client responsibility for the cart’s condition, lawful usage, and return procedures. Charges for damages, alterations, or improper use are outlined, along with maintenance responsibilities for longer-term rentals. Jurisdiction This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Florida. Golf Cart Rental Specific Terms Acceptance of Condition: The Client acknowledges the golf cart’s good condition at the time of delivery. Ownership and Authorization: Title remains with Klein’s. Only authorized parties may use the cart at designated locations. Disclaimer: Klein’s is not the manufacturer and offers no warranty against defects. Unsafe Condition Protocol: The Client must discontinue use and return the cart if it becomes unsafe or in disrepair. Return Obligations: The Client must return the cart in good condition, barring ordinary wear and tear. The Client is liable for any loss of keys, parts, or attachments. Klein’s Liability Limitation: Klein’s is not liable for any loss, delay, or damage due to cart defects. Indemnification: The Client indemnifies Klein’s against all losses or damages resulting from cart operation, handling, or transportation. Legal Obligations: The Client must notify Klein’s of any legal actions affecting the cart and indemnify Klein’s against all related losses. Rental Period Compliance: The Client must adhere to the rental period and is liable for additional charges or legal fees for non-compliance. Rate Adjustments: Klein’s may adjust rates for late payments. Liability Waiver: The Client waives claims against Klein’s for injuries or damages incurred during the rental period. Client’s Liability for Damages: The Client is responsible for damages due to various causes, including fire, theft, and misuse. Sticker Removal Charge: A $75 fee applies for each sticker left on the cart. Key Return Fee: A $75 charge is levied for each unreturned key. Return Location: Golf carts must be returned to the designated drop-off point. Prohibition on Alterations: No tampering with the cart is allowed. Maintenance Responsibilities: The Client is responsible for battery water in electric carts and checking oil in gas carts for monthly rentals. Damage Charges: The Client’s credit card will be charged for cart damages, with notification of charges.