Food Containers With Lids (Set of 17) (Purchase)

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Food Containers With Lids (Set of 17)

Sizes Include: 4 food containers (3½x3½x1½”, 5oz), 3 food containers (4¾x3x1½”, 5oz), 2 food containers (4¾x4¾x1½”, 10oz), 2 food containers (4¾x4¾x6″, 33oz), 2 food containers (5½x5½x2″, 20oz), 2 food containers (5½x5½x6″, 54oz) & 2 food containers (9x6x3″, 60oz).
Wash this product before using it for the first time.
This container is not spill-proof and may leak if you store liquid contents like soup in it.

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