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  • Please complete the form below. We will arrange to kasher your kitchen on the day your trip begins. One week before your arrival, we will reach out to coordinate the scheduled kashering time.
  • We require 72 hours notice to schedule our Kashering service.
  • If your XL or Reunion villa has a standard kitchen please send us a photo prior to ordering the standard villa Kashering service.
  • We do not guarantee Kashering by a certain time, but we will do our best to kasher in a timely fashion.
  • Included: Kashering granite/marble countertops, metal sinks, ovens and stove tops.
  • Not included: Outdoor grills, convection microwaves and broiler drawers (under the oven).
  • For special requests or questions email support@kleinsrentals.com.

What size kitchen will be in your villa?

Would you like to purchase a stove toppers or a kosher cooktop mat for electrical, ceramic and induction flat cooktops? (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

Kashering of a glass cooktop is subject of an halachic debate. Below are 2 options recommended by halachic authority:

1) The Kosher Cooktop Mat provides a heat-resistant barrier for your cooktop, preventing direct contact with non-kosher surfaces. This is a newer metal mesh option that covers the entire stove top. Recommended washing between uses.

2) Stove Toppers provide a convenient and clean solution for maintaining kosher status by creating a barrier between cookware and the stovetop surface. This is an older method of placing a metal disc approximately 1/8 of an inch thick, on the burner area, to raise the pots above the rest of the glass surface. This comes in a set of 5.

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